Student Stories

    Real Stories and Experiences Featuring the Students of GOLFTEC


    Terry Doyle

    "It feels peaceful, like this is as good as it can get."

    For Terry Doyle, golf has had an impact on his life in so many ways. It helped him recover from a devastating illness; provided a new path and adventure for his nephew, Kyle, who was born with cerebral palsy; brought he and his nephew closer together by playing the game, and even created a greater community of friends who stay connected thanks to golf.


    Lynn Cormier

    "I thought golf was the dumbest game I'd ever seen."

    It took a second marriage and a trip to visit with friends who lived on a golf course, to change Lynn's mind about golf. Up to that point, he didn’t care for the game and never thought he would. Never say never. On that fateful visit, he found himself hitting balls with friends on the driving range. One good hit had him admitting, "I think I could like this game." Lynn was hooked.



    "I know the Coaches at GOLFTEC want me to succeed in my golf career."

    At 9 years old, Nolan's grandfather introduced him to the game of golf. He was hooked. But it wasn't until nearly 3 years later, when he hit his first, good draw, that he became addicted to golf. That shot opened up a whole new future for Nolan, one where he wants to play 'big-time' golf. Now at 17, he's on a course to do just that.



    "When you smash a ball, it feels super good on your hands."

    Junior player Gus started learning the game from his dad Ganesh. Ganesh soon realized Gus needed a PGA instructor to help him advance. After meeting with a few instructors and not being really happy, he found GOLFTEC. “I like the technology they use and Gus likes the video feedback.” Gus now has 25 wins and is adding to the list every season, thanks to his hard work with his GOLFTEC Coach Jeff.


    Seung Lee

    "Golf is one of the most difficult sports to play. I'm addicted to it now."

    Seung's goal of being a scratch golfer drives him to keep getting better. Golf lessons with his coach combined with his drive to excel and improve his game have taken him from a 25 handicap to a 12 in just a couple of years. He is eager, and every good shot, every time he does something right on the course makes him want more. He loves golf, and he will be a scratch golfer.


    Tom Rushing

    "I'm not going to stop golf until I can no longer play."

    At 70 years old, Tom Rushing has a unique story from most golfers you might meet. He is a cancer-survivor, blind in one eye, and golf has provided him with both a respite from his treatment, and a singular focus that kept him moving forward when others may have given up. Golf became an absolute part of his healing process, and his life.


    John Purcell

    "What you get at GOLFTEC is pretty rare"

    A fierce competitor, Johnny loves tournament play. Whether the stakes are high or low, he lives for the butterfly feeling of the first tee and being under that pressure. But all in all, he's happiest in tournament play. All of his trophies have been hard won - and he has quite the collection these days. He's put in the work to get better, because he hasn't always been a zero to two handicap.



    "I love hitting that one good shot that brings you back the next time."

    Tobey was introduced to golf at age 14 and fell in love with the challenge of the game. A life-long baseball player, he found he couldn't let go of the golf club. A new game had stolen his heart. The thrill of a well hit shot drove him forward and he wanted to play better golf.


    Levar Harrington

    "I refused to be that horrible at anything."

    Levar knew nothing about golf. Invited to play as part of a work event, he balked at the very idea. "I'm not going to like this sport," he thought. But after a bit of peer pressure, he committed to playing. It was a disaster.


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